Friday, October 07, 2005

This was a character design of "El Mano" for a special edition
of "El Eternauta", made many years ago.


G. Blumenkrantz said...

Your work is AMAZING!!!!! What a treat! As an advertising Art Director, it is a true gift to have my comps rendered by a "renaissance man"! Look at this character design for "El Mano", for instance: It is a true work of fine art. But the good news is that so is everything else in this blog, as your talent takes the word "commercial" out of the term "commercial art."

I love your use of light, your expressive use of color and your point of view as an artist. I also respect your proffessionalism: It felt as if you were here, working in-house at the agency even though I was in New York and you in Barcelona.
Looking forward to working with you soon,
G. Blumenkrantz
KBP Advertising
New York

PS: Thanks for all the great work!

benwithcappuccino said...

I have only a world..amazing..wonderful blog!!compliments!

benwithcappuccino said...

another thing..I really really love your shots!!fantastic and so expressive, fantastic balance of the forms and the lines..wonderful works!