Wednesday, April 01, 2009



jason hazelroth said...

really great design. I how expressive your stuff is

hans bacher said...

very interesting style. the texture gives it a cut-out look. love the design - would be great for a film, CG but looking traditional

hans bacher said...

very interesting style. the texture gives it a cut-out look. love the design - would be great for a film, CG but looking traditional

Ernesto Melo said...

YES, Hans, you have an eagle's eye!
My aim was to combine these two languages.
The idea is that the cut-out has to "receive" the strictly necessary realistic information.
For the background, it happened the same, only one touch is talking about
the realism. It is part of the Howard Pyle's theory (BTW, it fitted perfectly with the pirates
theme-it was as a homage). He always had very clear what belongs to shadows and what
to light. So for him it was enough to give a single stroke of pure color to give the feeling of the mood.
These are two attempts (with the sketch from below) to render a style that has not only a
bold lecture but mood.
Recently, there were several nights we were watching "The Thief and the Cobbler" (yes, "pure awesomeness").
With my older daughter one of the thousands things we enjoyed was how the world of graphic shapes
give place to the animators' creativity. ... the stretch-scrolled shoes of Zig-Zag!... what a film!
... the extreme size contrast between bg and character, the mimic... Ken Harris..., the constant
sense of humor.... the story. That's the key! To meet with a story that you feel it is worth telling.

flaviano said...

these are great! the second one expecially
i just saw your portfolio, thare are a lot of stuff i never seen from you, is fantastic, your boards are better than the final results!

Ernest Agullo said...

El pirata negre és brutal, ple de misteri i poesia. L'acabat és d'una plasticitat que fa por, sobre tot pel fet que prové d'un codi digital (painter suposo) en fi, una joya....que tan de bó algú la descobreixi per il.lustrar històries i contes.
aprofito per fer una abraçada

Antonio Santamaria said...

Ernesto, ver nuevos trabajos tuyos siempre nos alegra el día. Estos bucaneros están muy muy bien. Me uno al amigo Ernest en que el segundo es precioso. Tiene mucha fuerza en su pose y la mezcla de la paleta utilizada con la textura le da un toque muy bonito. También comparto las palabras de Flaviano, yo también me pasé a ver tu portafolio y cada vez que veía algún trabajo, para mí, "inédito" no podía evitar abrir más la boca y levantar más las cenas ;-) Felicidades por el buen hacer... Un saludo!

TURCIOS. said...


juanma said...

Hola Ernesto, soy Juan Manuel.Hace bastantes años nos conocimos en Createcnia, en el curso de animación.
Tu blog me ha parecido fantástico y veo que has mejorado con el tiempo.
Mi email es por si quieres contactar conmigo para hablar de los viejos tiempos.
Un abrazo.

Jorge Calviño said...

Majestuoso! Nada más cercano a lo que me imagino de Las Mil y una Noches! Grande Tito!

Eric Desideriu said...

Fantastic characters, I dig the line and the shapes, great inspiration here. I can´t stop looking at the images.