Monday, May 17, 2010


A few months ago I had the opportunity to participate on a
Homage to Ronald Searle for his 90th birthday, organized by
Creative Talent Network's founder Tina Price.

It's too hard for me to tell the magnitude of such Artist.
We must talk about true influences- even though you haven't seen any of his drawings in your life, surely there'll be an artist you know who has grabbed bits of his approach.
There is a great site, Ronald Searle Tribute, where you can find not only
tons of drawings and links but biographical stories.
Maybe the intense years he lived on his youth can make sense about
how intensely alive his characters are. Before such Drawing Giant the less one
can do is say Thanks!

So Tina asked to artists who wanted to express this gratitude with drawings whom she would put together in a book:
"This 60 page book is an exclusive limited edition print of only 75 copies that will never be sold or re-printed.
The book includes artwork and sentiments from over 50 artists."

Roger Allers
Niklas K. Andersen
Chris Armstrong
Lubomir Arsov
Chris Ayers
Nancy Beiman
Don Bluth
Saud Boksmati
Jamie Kezlarian Bolio
Chen Yi-Chang
David Colman
Peter de Séve
Eric Favela
Francis Glebas
Ed Gombert
Manny Hernandez
Francisco Herrera
Mike Hoffman
Matt Jones
Tom Knowles
Tobias Kwan
Gay Lawrence
John Mahoney
Rik Maki
Patrick Mate
Mark McDonnell
Ernesto Melo
Uli Meyer
Rob Minkoff
John Musker
Francesca Natale
Sue Nichols
Michael Peraza
Rodrigo Perez-Castro
Pierre Perifel
Gabriele Penacchioli
Anette Power
Paul Shardlow
Kyle Shockley
Harald Siepermann
Alessandra Sorrentino
Ken Turner
Carlos Valenti
Valerio Ventura
Glenn Vilppu
Suzanne Lemieux Wilson
Nate Wragg
Dean Yeagle
Kathy Zielinkski

The book will be posted on CTN's site after all copies are distributed.

There you are, my contribution, and cover of the book:


Last week the great Illustrator's historian, Leif Peng, asked me
if I could send some lines about me, and some samples about
my working process. Now the article is online, and I'm very proud
to contribute on his site Storyboard Central

Monday, May 03, 2010


Last week a storyboard commission appeared, with a very
tight deadline. They wanted all frames in color although they
knew that there won't be enough time for me. So I scanned my thumbnails, then
I enlarged them to fit with my template frame and lowered their opacity.
Then I drew directly and decided to use one tone with a small variation
in light source, where I could put another color.

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